We want to keep API Commons a simple, machine readable pointer, of an API definition, and its associated Creative Commons license. You can see an example of it in the wild, demonstrated by the manifest for the API Commons API.

  • apis
    • name: name of the APIs
    • description: short description of what API does
    • image: a png, jpg, or gif image icon to be used when displaying API listing
    • keywords: comma separated keywords or phrases to describe the API
    • license: reference to either CC BY-SA or CC0 licenses
    • attribution: a individual or company name to reference as behind the API
    • url: the URL of the raw, machine readable API commons manifest
    • definitions:
      • type: API definition format. either swagger, raml, api-blueprint,wadl,google,mashape,iodocs
      • url: the URL of the raw, machine readable API definition
  • tags: must always be api-commons-manifest to be included in index
  • updated: last date that API Commons manifest was updated

You can generate the API Commons manifest using the web form or manually, and submit via the API Commons API, or publish to any Github repository, and API Commons will automatically index.

Consider using API Commons manifest as one property of your APIs.json file, providing a single index of all of your API resources, within a single domain or subdomain.