Last week the Free Law Project launched their CourtListener API, which currently aggregates 2,204,339 court opinions, from 350 jurisdictions in the United States.

This week, we are honored to have their API definition added to the API Commons, setting a precedent for what is one possible design for a court opinion API interface, as well as a supporting data model.  

Next up, is for the community to step up and translate this spec into other formats like RAML or API Blueprint. With the CourtListener data being licensed in the public domain, there is also great opportunity for developers to not just build client libraries and sample applications for the API, but also develop server-side tooling that will enable institutions and companies to deploy other instances of the API.

The CourtListener API definition is the first official addition to the API Commons, after our launch at Defrag. A big thank you goes out to the Free Law Project, for working with with us to get the API definition added!

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