About the API Commons

The API Commons is focused on providing the reusable, open, and machine-readable building blocks of the API economy. The API Commons begins with API discovery using APIs.json, but then also providing the common and community building blocks you need to describe not just APIs, but also the operations surrounding them.

With any API, collection, network, or ecosystem of APIs defined as APIs.json and API Common building blocks there is then an interesting opportunity for opening that layer up to vendors using overlays. Overlays are meant to enrich the base index for any API with other rich nutrients that are needed for success with API consumers at scale.

APIs.json, properties, and overlays focus on standardizing API operations, but the API Commons also provides base APIs for the most commoditized API resources out there. Base APIs are the common building blocks of applications and integrations like accounts, images, videos, and the other digital resources that are essential. Base APIs allow us to stop competing on the most common aspects of our applications and focus on what matters to our industries and domains.

The API Commons is the place where you find the common building blocks of the API economy, and where you can create schema you need to define what is the future of the API economy. Think AI manifests like the OpenAI Plugin Manifest we just added, or standardizing FAQs so we don't ever have to create that API again. The API Commons has what you need to standardize your API operations, allowing you to focus your resources on what actually matters.