I think the title of this blog post has the most occurrence of API, I’ve ever used. We have had requests to provide an API for the API commons, so now you can add API definitions using a Github manifest, the API Commons Manifest generator, or via the API Commons API.

I added the ability to search API definitions, as well as POST an API through the new interface. I deployed a simple registration form for the API using 3Scale API infrastructure, and will add more account management features as the API matures—right now can just signup, login, get your keys and logout.

If you’d like to integrate the publishing of API definitions directly to the commons from your API management system let us know, we are happy to help you with the integration, and keeping the latest version of your API definitions published to the commons automatically.

If you run into any issues or have comments you can submit via the issue management for the Github repository that the API Commons site runs in.

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