Even with the risk of possible creating some sort of API wormhole, I just added the API Commons API to the API Commons. The API for adding and searching for APIs that are in the commons, now has an API definition that is publicly declared as part of the commons, with a CC-BY license.

It just makes sense to have the API for the commons in the commons, so anyone can establish their own commons, complete with common API. 3Scale and API Evangelist are taking a particular stance on the API copyright discussion, and if our approach doesn’t match your vision of the API economy, we encourage you to fork and establish your own commons.

We only launched the API Commons API two months ago, so the definition is still fairly new, and we would love to hear your thoughts on the API definition, and the underlying format of the API Commons Manifest. It is up to all of us to help keep the surface area of the API economy as open, accessible, reusable and interoperable as possible.

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